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Thursday, May 4, 2017
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Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my blog!

Hi everyone,

I shall no longer only flood you with posts about my works in Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest: I decided to finally start the blog in my personal online shop. The idea about it ripened for almost a year but it was constantly postponed by small and elder babies. 

This blog will not only present my projects but also yours. Use the hashtag #karamfila or #karamfilas on Instagram to be featured.

Right now I'm most fond of my girl with lemons and the one with the cherries. I would like to write about them. 

See the ‘Summer Notes’ store section here - http://karamfila.com/summer-collections

The 'Lemons' is inspired by Zaklina, a Serbian living in Italy, 47 years old, grandmom and fashion stylist! 47 years old! Wow! I wish that too! In fact, I have only 11 years remaining until my legs get as long as hers, nah! 

pic 2

As you may have sensed, she's amazing. I also tried to recreate her as amazing as she is and I think I managed to do so. At least she liked it very much. I sincerely hope you like her too. Her and the lemons from the collection. I wanted both the clipart and the papers to bring the sensation of summer, independence and modern girly stuff. But also to bring the romance of the classic aquarelle. I'm truly happy because of the interest in this work of mine. 

pic 3

See the ‘Lemons’ here - http://karamfila.com/lemons-clipart-boho-fashion-clipart-summer-fruits-zaklina-fashionist 

Meet Zaklina: https://www.instagram.com/realfashionist/ 

pic 4

Here’s a personal diary hand made by Tsveta Karabadzhakova, you can see her work here - https://www.facebook.com/LaFlorHandmade/ 

Now about my cherry affair.

pic 6

The Cherry queen is Carin - a fashionista from Amsterdam. I always admire her fashion transformations, I fell in love with her right away! Playful, i.e. intelligent and impeccable in her combinations - is it possible not to turn your head after her?! The ‘Cherries' should have been a mood sequel to the ‘Lemons' but with a pinch of pin-up. In some way Carin has that style. It shows in the skirt and in the posture.  Refined and modern, but tangible. 'The Cherries' is a modern pin-up if I can define it as such. Do you like them? Please write!

pic 7

See the ‘Cherries’ here - http://karamfila.com/cherries-clipart-photo-camera-clip-art-watercolor-fashion-illustration

Meet Carin: https://www.instagram.com/catoinamsterdam/ 

A lot of adventures are on the way. No, I won't tell you more, only will show you a bit, I don't lose my readers!

pic 8

See you,

Karamfila xx

Mobile devices accessories design - https://www.casetify.com/profile/Karamfila/collection?order=latest 

Let’s be friends!

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Thank you.


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