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Monday, Jun 26, 2017
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Summer, July - Flowers, Fruits and US Flags

Summer, July - Flowers, Fruits and US Flags

Hi there,

I’m feeling completely summery now. Well, living on the coast I’m very rarely not feeling like that, even in the winter, but now – in the end of June – I’m all in for the summer! 

First of all – here’s my little complement to all my US fans and customers.


Size 8 x 10 inches

4 files - 2 pieces in 2 file formats (JPG, PDF)

All rights reserved. Not for re-sale. For personal use only.

Link for downloading - https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B7EBa6r9bWNkVnU4U2F1UUkzdms

This strong emotion gave birth to a cool surfboard babe surrounded by tropical flowers and plants, and cocktails. I’m very happy that she instantly became your favorite and found her way to your printables and handmade items. The “Aloha” collection also became a favorite in Casetify and all smartphone case designs from it entered top 100 in the first week!


Photo credits:

iPhone cases from Casetify.com/Karamfila

EC planner stickers from Rose Shadow Collection , The Atomic Print Shop and Planning Choco

Before the “Aloha“ set, I wanted to pay a tribute to 4-th of July. The girl from the New Year’s collection turned out to be the most magnificent Miss America who my poor imagination could picture. The „Miss Liberty“ set also became extremely popular and now adorns many girls’ planners, which gives me joy. 


Photo credits:

iPhone and Android cases from Casetify.com

Planner stickers from Oh Doodle ShopThe Stickery Co and The Atomic Print Shop

Something else about Miss Liberty: in the coming days she will appear as an iPhone application for pics layouts. I’m so excited! 

Thar’s all I needed to tell you, thank you. :)

See you,

Karamfila xx

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