Dear all,
We'll be doing major maintenance of the website in the first two weeks of October, and I'd like to ask you to download all your purchased files until 30th of September.

WARNING: After that all user data will be erased so you'll have to make a new account.

If you were planning to purchase something in the coming weeks it's also highly advisable to do so until the 30th of September. Please excuse us for the inconvenience, and do reach out if you need any assistance.

All the best, Karamfila

Mother's Day

Mom & Me
Karamfila's "Mom & Me" collection.Mother's Day Clipart. Mom to Be Clipart, Mother's Day Planner ..
Mom & Me Patterns
Karamfila's "Mom & Me" collection.Mother's Day Patterns, Mom & Baby Digital Paper, Mom To Be..
Karamfilas' Matryoshka Collection.Matryoshka Clipart, Russian Nesting Doll Clipart, Nested Doll Clip..
Special Summer Vol.2
Karamfilas' Pregnant Summer Girl Clipart. Pregnancy Clipart, Maternity Clipart, Mom To Be Clipa..
Special Summer Vol.2 | Patterns
Karamfilas' Pregnancy patterns pack.Pregnancy Digital Paper, Baby Shower Paper, Mom To Be Patterns, ..
Special Summer Vol.1
Karamfilas' Pregnant Mermaid Clipart. Baby Mermaid Clipart, Pregnancy Clipart, Maternity Clipar..
Special Summer Vol.1 | Patterns
Karamfilas' Pregnant Mermaid and baby mermaids patterns pack.Baby Mermaid Digital Paper, Mermaid Pat..
Forest Owls
Karamfila’s “Forest of Owls” collection. Owl Clipart, Forest Clipart, Owl Family Clipart, Owls Plann..
Forest Owls Papers
Karamfila’s “Forest of Owls” collection.Forest Digital Paper, Owl Digital Paper, Spring Woodland Pap..
Cute Owls
Karamfila’s “Cute Owls” collection.Owls Clipart, Baby Owl Clipart, Owl Family Clipart, Owl Nursery I..
Cute Owls Papers
Karamfila's "Cute Owls" collection.Owls Basic Digital Paper Pack Cute Baby Owls Patterns Owl Planner..
Dear Mom: I Love You
Karafila's "Dear Mom" I Love You" collection.Unicorn Baby Clipart, Mother's Day Clipart, Mother Chil..
Dear Mom Papers
Karafila's "Dear Mom" I Love You" collection.Candy Cotton Digital Paper, Baby Unicorn Paper, Mothers..
Dear Mom Basics
Karafila's "Dear Mom" I Love You" collection.Mother and Baby Unicorn Basic Digital Paper Ombre Glitt..
Karamfila's "Dramatic" surface patterns pack.Floral Digital Paper, Crimson Red Navy Gold Roses Patte..
Karamfila's "Cinnamon" collection.Cinnamon Clipart, Christmas Clipart, Fall Clipart, Floral Planner ..
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