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Legends Glitters
Karamfila's "Legends" collection.Karamfila's Hollywood Skulls Glitter Textures, Ombre Glitter Digita..
Sugar Boo Doodle Patterns
Karamfila's "Sugar Boo" collection.Halloween Digital Paper. Animal Skulls and Skeletons Patterns. Ha..
Sugar Boo Patterns
Karamfila's "Sugar Boo" collection.Halloween Digital Paper, Animals Skulls and Skeletons Patterns, H..
Sewing Queen Papers
Karamfila's "Sewing Queen" collection.Sewing Digital Paper, Cute Buttons Patterns, Vintage Sewing Ma..
Neon Flowers
Karamfila's "Neon Flowers" collection.Tropical Flowers Clipart. Neon Flowers Clipart, Summer Planner..
Neon Flowers Patterns
Karamfila's "Neon Flowers" collection.Tropical Flowers Digital Paper, Neon Floral Patterns, Summer P..
Karamfila's "Camouflage" collection.Camouflage Patterns, Abstract Digital Paper, Camouflage Fabric, ..
Rich Land Patterns
Karamfila's "Rich Land" collection.Ethno Digital Paper, Fall Digital Paper, Red Roses Traditional Bu..
Pool Party Patterns
Karamfila's "Pool Party" collection.Summer Digital Paper, Unicorn Patterns, Ice-Cream Paper, Flaming..
Pool Party Basics
Karamfila's "Pool Party" collection.Summer Digital Paper, Abstract Summer Patterns, Summer Planner S..
MerDad Patterns
Karamfila's "MerDad" collection.Mermaid Digital Paper, Father's Day Digital Paper, Karamfila's Merma..
MerDad Basics
Karamfila's "MerDad" collection.Mermaid Glitter Digital Paper, Karamfila's Mermaid Dad Patterns, Gli..
Patriotic Patterns
Karamfila's "Patriotic" collection.Patriotic Mermaids and Unicorns Patterns, 4th of July Digital Pap..
A Trip, Please! Papers
Karamfila's "A Trip, Please!" collection.Travel Dolls Digital Paper, Wanderlust Planner Stickers, Tr..
Wanderlust Glitters
Karamfila's "Wonderlust" collection.Glitter Textures, Ombre Glitter Digital Paper, Gradient Glitter ..
Wanderlust Patterns
Karamfila's "Wonderlust" collection.Travel Digital Paper, Travel Planner Stickers, Wanderlust Patter..
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