Karamfila's "Trendy" 2019 collectionTropical Digital Paper, Pantone 2019 Color Trends Patterns.Usage..
Valentine's | Patterns
Karamfila's "Valentine's" 2019 collection.Valentine Digital Paper, Valentine's Day Paper, Valentine ..
Winterland Papers
Karamfila's "Winterland" collection.Fairy Digital Paper, Winter Fairies Patterns, Unicorn Christmas ..
Christmas Mermaids Glitter Textures
Karamfila's "Christmas Mermaids" collection.Christmas Mermaid Glitter Textures, Glitter Fish Scales,..
Christmas Mermaids Basic Papers
Karamfila's "Christmas Mermaids" collection.*Christmas Mermaid Basic Patterns, Gradient Glitter Digi..
Christmas Mermaids Papers
Karamfila's "Christmas Mermaids" collection.Christmas Mermaid Digital Paper. Unicorn Mermaid Fabrics..
2020 Papers
Karamfila's "2020" collection.New Years Eve Digital Paper, Party Digital Paper Happy Birthday Patter..
Karamfilas' "Purrfect" Collection.Planner Clipart. Kittens Clipart Cat Clip Art Baby Boy Clipart Ast..
Purrfect | Basics
Karamfila's "Purrfect" collection.Stars Planets Patterns, Astronaut Digital Paper, Night Sky Clouds ..
Purrfect | Papers
Karamfila's "Purrfect" collection.Kittens Digital Paper, Cat Patterns, Kittycorn Mermaid Planner Sti..
Purrfect | Glitters
Karamfila's "Purrfect" collection.Ombre Glitter Textures, Seamless Glitter Fabric Patterns. Glitter ..
Nutcracker II Patterns
Karamfilas' "Nutcracker" (2016) remastered collection.Nutcracker Patterns, Christmas Digital Paper, ..
Cats! Papers
Karamfila's "Cats!" collection.Cats Digital Paper | Karamfila's Cats Patterns. Cats Planner Stickers..
Cats! Basics
Karamfila's "Cats!" collection.Cats Basic Patterns. Karamfila's Cats Digital Paper. Cats Fabric Patt..
Cats! Glitters
Karamfila's "Cats!"* collection.Cats Ombre Glitter Patterns. Glitter Planner Stickers. Sparkle Fabri..
Halloween Mermaids Patterns
Karamfilas' "Halloween Mermaids" Collection.Halloween Mermaid Digital Paper, Underwater Backgrounds,..
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